• Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium (map)

to the sky

music for strings, synths + stars

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
9 July 2017  |  two sessions: 6pm + 8pm

Camerata – Queensland's Chamber Orchestra
Thomas Green + Connor D'Netto + Joshua Rivory 

mesmerising, intoxicating, breathtaking, exhilarating :: to the sky dissolves the world around you and ascends through the far reaches of the cosmos

In what is sure to be one of the highlights of our 2017 concerts, Argo teams up with the Camerata and the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium to present a spectacular journey through our universe and beyond. 

Set under the Planetarium's Cosmic Sky Dome, the concert features the string orchestra spread across the space to completely surround the room, and surround sound electronics and synths, with visuals filling the entire space created custom for this event by the Planetarium's curators. This heady mix of cosmic visuals, lush contemporary classical strings, and rich analogue and searing digital synths combines to create a unique concert-length work, newly commissioned by Argo in 2017, written by a collective of young local composers, lead by Connor D'Netto, Thomas Green and Joshua Rivory.

$55 Two-Concert Pass
Single Tickets: $40

Doors 5.30pm • Concert, two sessions: 6pm + 8pm

To The Sky*
collaboratively written by a collective of young local composers

* World premiere, commissioned by argo in 2017

approx. 60 minutes total running time