• Jugglers Art Space (map)

Musicians Unmuted is hosting a concert to celebrate the first season of podcast episodes. The concert will feature guests from previous episodes and accompanying performers at the beautiful venue of Jugglers Art Space. The performances will be recorded and included in the last podcast episode of the year, and features Peter Breen, the director of Jugglers Art Space, for his consistent support and contribution to young artists and musicians in the local industry.



  • Kayleigh Pincott and Kieran Stevenson
  • Kieran Stevenson
  • Lachlan Hawkins
  • Jasmin Leung, Michael Louttit and Ariella Woods
  • Greg Olley
  • Jasmin Leung

Doors at 6.45 pm
Concert at 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm

Tickets at the door $15

Hosted and curated by Anna Kho
Sound and recording by Daniel Kassulke
Listen to podcast episodes at https://soundcloud.com/musiciansunmuted