This is just some extra little fun stuff for those of you dedicated enough to actually read my blog posts…

A couple of years ago I was commissioned by Paint it Red to write a trio for three guitars for three of my best friends, Ben Ellerby, Libby Meyers and Joe Fallon, who together make up the Rosa Guitar Trio. The resulting work, Two-Tap, is probably one of my favourite pieces I’ve written, but IT’S A KILLER. It’s just so tight knit, with interwoven patterns hocketing about all over the place, shifts and metric-modulations abundant, and glittered with harmonics generously. The trio loved it, but needless to say the first draft needed a good bit of work before it was playable.

In the process of editing, Ben created THIS marvellous thing…

So for your information, in my compositional process I often use a lot of patterns and system to create the music and its structure – ratios, evolving patterns and other ideas which fairly systematically work themselves out, coalesce, combine and develop to create a constantly and surprising organic evolution of material. Two-Tap I feel does this better than anything else.

That all being said, I myself find it hard to systematically keep track of all this – once I’m in the flow of writing it just happens! So, when Ben presented me with THIS, a heavily annotated and colour-coordinated version of the score which completely deconstructs my methods, showing all the different permutations of ideas at work, which he had created just for his own reference in beginning to learn the piece… Well… I was amazed. It really is something incredible to behold.

So, I thought I’d share it with you! The piece has gone through a decent bit of revisions since then, but this is basically it.

If you’d like to hear it live, check out Rosa’s concert in Brisbane this September!