A review of argo presents: FLOW
Friday, 6 May 2016, 7:30pm, Spring Hill Reservoir

"Layers of colour and sound entice you from one room into another while bubbles rise through water all around you, mimicking the experience of being underwater. With the deeper notes from the cello, sonorous vibrations reverberate through the cavernous space, confounding the senses, and the origin of the sound is not always clear, adding to the trance-like experience."

"At the centre of this alternate dimension are Connor and Ben, not only conducting the musicians, but also choreographing the sound, the light, and the audience as well."

"Beneath the ‘Glassy’ surface we glimpsed currents of a whole host of different musical and artistic references, including the surrealism of David Lynch, and the spectral music of his often-time collaborator Badalamenti, cinematic dream sequences, and the gentle surf of '70s concept albums, coupled with the cool musical genius of '80s synth musicians. However, Argo is a unique concept that is greater than the sum of these parts, and impresses in achieving its aim of breaking down barriers between musical genres- and going one step further, to blur the boundaries between musical genre and art installation."

"The overall effect of ‘Flow’ was profoundly relaxing and soothing, as the stresses of the week melted away in this otherworldly, multi-sensory experience."

by Karen and John Hutt, Scenestr