A review of argo presents: ENCORE
Thursday, 24 March 2016, 1pm, Nickson Room UQ School of Music

"If your New Year’s resolution was to learn more about electronic, experimental or contemporary classical music, there’s been no better time to be in Brisbane than now."

"Argo is the newest in a series of classically trained local groups composing intriguing, exploratory audiovisual sets . . . Argo are native sons of the Sunshine state writing music for computer and human accompaniment . . .  they are all very witty. The right words to evoke this fresh new music change with each formulation, but suffice it to say it’s always a great way of spending time."

"The most riveting of these sequences was the cascading architectural forms that accompanied the String quartet no. 2 in E minor, by Connor D’Netto."

"Argo do performances rather than concerts proper. Which is to say that you really have to be there to get it . . . it’s certain to make you stop and think and listen. I definitely recommend it."

by Carolina Caliaba, 4ZZZ reviews