So, I went to Charleville, I looked around, I took some photos... What happened next??

Well, do an interview on ABC Radio National about the piece I've written, BEFORE YOU'VE EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO FINISH WRITING IT!! That totally makes sense, right?

That was a few weeks ago. I did the interview, pretended like I had finished the piece, I even had to make a final decision on its name on the spot (I was still only 99% on the name at that point). I finished the piece in the next few days, and got it off to the ensemble to begin learning it for the tour.

Then yesterday, ABC Radio National when to the final rehearsal, recorded it, and today played a bit of a preview (along with the interview from two weeks back) on air!

If you'd like to have a listen to the interview and preview, well here it is:

I think it sounds pretty good, right? I kinda made sense I think...


p.s. I hate the sound of my own voice...